23.09.2018 The *AdES Trilogy, Part 2: XAdES signing for Windows in C++
XAdES-B and XAdES-T signing with my AdES and XML libraries

23.09.2018 How to Display a Battery Charge Level in Xamarin Forms using Font Awesome
The tricky part is how to code the Unicode value that the label receives...

23.09.2018 Morestachio. More Mustachio, less Mustache
Morstachio the upstarter of Mustachio

23.09.2018 Easily apply sorting for DataTables.js in C#
Helper method to apply sorting from DataTables.js parameters in C#

22.09.2018 A Note on Redux
This is a note on Redux

22.09.2018 Abstract Lock Pattern To Selectively Synchronize A Single Implementation ("IOC" and DRY)
This is a simple pattern that provides a lock that can always be invoked; and may be a no-op for a non-synchronized implementation. The implementation can become "DRY" and uses an "IOC" principal --- a single implementation is either synchronized or not, by simple selection.

21.09.2018 How to fool Machine Learning malware detectors using Generative Adversarial networks (GANs)
Excerpt from the book Mastering Machine Learning for Penetration Testing by Chiheb Chebbi

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15.11  C# ClickOnce